As of 27 October 2020


Fixed Income

Investment Policy

The Fund shall invest in securities or assets which are or are related to debt instrument, financial instrument and/or deposit being offered for sale both in the country and/or foreign countries by public sector and/or private sector, that are quality and yield satisfactory return appropriate for risk level, for instance, debt instruments issued by public sector and/or state enterprise, and debt instruments of private sector such as debt instrument, financial instrument and/or deposit issued by commercial banks, and/or debt instrument and financial instrument issued by prime private companies, credit-rated instrument or issuer of instrument which is in Investment Grade.

The fund has an investment strategy that expects higher return on investment than the indicated Benchmark. (Active Management)

Dividend Policy

Not exceeding 12 times per annum


1.MTM ThaiBMA Government Bond 1-3 years (NTR) 30 %
2.MTM ThaiBMA Corporate Bond (A- up) 1-3 ปี years (NTR) 70%

Registration date

26 September 2012

Fund Manager Name

Naree Pruksayaphai
Artidtaya Piriyasopagul
Chanakan Hangsasuta



The gross purchase value of the first purchase (Baht): Not defined
Minimum purchase value of next purchase (Baht): Not defined
Minimum return (Baht): Not defined
Minimum return (Unit): Not defined
Trading hours: Every business day from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Redemption Amount: within 5 business days from the next transaction date . Currently, the redemption fee is within 2 business days following the transaction date. (T+2)
Transaction channel: Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited
Land and Houses Securities Public Company Limited
or appoint selling agents

Dividend history last 10

(Remark: Pay total 10 Time, Amount 0.7880 THB)

28 February 2020
0.0500 THB/Unit
28 October 2019
0.1000 THB/Unit
26 April 2019
0.1000 THB/Unit
24 November 2017
0.1200 THB/Unit
30 June 2017
0.1200 THB/Unit
9 November 2016
0.0900 THB/Unit
28 April 2016
0.0740 THB/Unit
19 November 2015
0.0200 THB/Unit
29 July 2015
0.0640 THB/Unit
12 May 2015
0.0500 THB/Unit