As of 1 July 2022


Foreign Investment Fund

Investment Policy

We emphasize to invest in the units of the foreign mutual fund having the investment policy to invest in equity instruments worldwide (or “the master fund”) with an average in the accounting year not less than 80 percent of the Net Asset Value (NAV). The master fund invested by the fund is T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV – Global Focused Growth Equity Fund (the “master fund”). The said fund has been registered in Luxembourg and is under UCITS. The fund shall invest in the units of the master fund in the type of “Class I” in USD currency, registered and managed by T. Rowe Price (Luxembourg) Management S.? r.l. and such investment managed by T. Rowe Price International Ltd.
T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV – Global Focused Growth Equity Fund (the “master fund”) has the investment policy for 70 percent of total assets of shares and securities in respect of the shares of the registered company as well as common shares, preference shares, derivative warrants: American Depository Receipts (ADRs); European Depository Receipts (EDRs); and Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) at least.
The fund may consider to invest in the Derivatives in order for Hedging from the Foreign Exchange Rate Risk under discretion of the fund manager.
The management company reserves the right to change the type of and the features of the mutual fund to be the Fund of Funds or direct investment in overseas without increasing the risk spectrum in future at the fund manager’s discretion, depending to the market situation and it shall be for the highest interest of the unit holders.

Dividend Policy

No : There will be auto redemption.


This fund will compare with the performance of master fund adjusted by foreign exchange rate for calculating returns in Thai Baht currency on the Calculation Date.

Registration date

25 July 2018

Fund Manager Name



The gross purchase value of the first purchase (Baht): 1,000
Minimum purchase value of next purchase (Baht): 100
Minimum return (Baht): Not defined
Minimum return (Unit): Not defined
Trading hours: Every business day from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Redemption Amount: within 5 business days from the next following day after the NAV calculation. Currently, the redemption fee is within 4 business days following the transaction date. (T+4)

Transaction channel: Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited
Land and Houses Securities Public Company Limited
or appoint selling agents

Auto redemption history

(Remark: Pay total 10 Time, Amount 2.6500 THB)

27 August 2021
0.1000 THB/Unit
28 June 2021
0.1000 THB/Unit
30 April 2021
0.2000 THB/Unit
25 February 2021
0.1000 THB/Unit
5 January 2021
0.2000 THB/Unit
30 October 2020
0.2000 THB/Unit
28 August 2020
0.7000 THB/Unit
29 June 2020
0.6000 THB/Unit
28 February 2020
0.1500 THB/Unit
3 January 2020
0.3000 THB/Unit