Security policy

Security policy

Security Policy of the Land and Houses Fund Management Co.,Ltd.

The Land and Houses Fund Management Co.,Ltd. realizes an importance of internet network security so the Company employ leading edge technologies with continuous investigation and efficiency enhancement in order to gain confidence in security system from clients. However this technology alone is not adequate for internet network security but it required clients' computer securities as well. The Company invites you to visit our website and access for various services and search for relevant information confidently.

Information Collected or Retained by the Company

The Company will collect clients' information for the benefit of clients legally. Such information is collected and retained as long as the business relationship between clients and the Company still exist. The clients' private information will be kept confidential at a high standard technology and security.

Disclosure of Information to the Third Parties

The Company has no policy to reveal clients' private information to the third parties except

  • The information is provided to help complete a transaction initiated by clients.
  • The information is provided with clients' demand and consent.
  • The disclosure otherwise is lawfully permitted or required by any relevant authority.