Company Background

Land and Houses Fund Management Co.,Ltd. registered for name change with the Commercial Ministry on November 23,2010 from United Asset Management Co.,Ltd. that was established since January 17,2008. Presently, The Compant's registered capital is fully paid up of Baht 300 million and was granted various business locenses as follows: 
  • Securities Business Licenses Type Kor / c from the Finance Ministry with the license no. Lor Lor-0013-01 at February 21,2011
  • Derivative Business License from the Securities and Exchange Commission ( Derivative Fund Manager) with the Loocense no. Sor Dor 04-0012-10 at March 2,2011 
The Company was granted from the Securities and Exchange commision of start operating
  • Mutual Fund and Private Fund business on June 6,2011
  • ProvidentnFund business on May 3,2012 
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Manages on May 7,2014.